Tuesday, September 25, 2007

LitKicks on NBCC panel

I like LitKicks' upbeat outlook: "I'm starting to think this whole NBCC vs. online fracas is nothing but a big group hug waiting to happen."

The reason blogs are growing and print reviews are shrinking is because people are turning to the internet for their literary discussions. How much clearer can a situation be and why do print reviewers need to host twenty million panels and write a billion articles on the subject before they get this? The internet does not signal the end of intelligent literary reviews and debates. The medium has simply changed. Of course there are less-than-intelligent bloggers out there, but the intelligent bloggers rise to the surface the same way intelligent print reviewers do.

Sam Tanenhaus just needs to talk to Salman (we are on a first-name basis, as you may remember) about blogs. Maybe they can start one together. I'd read it.

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