Monday, September 24, 2007

Rushdie likes blogs

Just when you expect all the members of the old-guard literati to be stuffy, one of them goes and surprises us all. According to an article in the New York Observer, a Friday night "doomsday" discussion on the impending collapse of book review culture hosted by the National Book Critics Circle was crashed by none other than Salman Rushdie.

He materialized to deliver his opinion the future of print reviews vs. blogs (“I think it’s rather unfortunate that some of the coverage tries to pitch print reviewing against the new media. I think they complement each other very well.”) and vanished again into the night.

In other words, Salman likes print reveiws AND blogs. Hooray! And I have decided that Salman and I are on a first-name basis because bloggers are so cavalier and casual.

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