Monday, October 15, 2007

Frankfurt, Day 5

It's over! The final day of the fair passed in Hall 8 with relatively little chaos. I heard a rumor that the Dutch remainder and discount bookseller de Slegte decided to cancel its agreement to buy books from some of the bigger publishers in Hall 8 so they were stuck with all these books. Some publishers were selling their books at a discount to visitors. I have no idea if that is allowed because of Germany's fixed pricing laws for books, but that is what happened.

The best part of the day was the Frankfurt Book Fair staff party in Hall 4.0. As one lady said, we know how to work hard and how to party hard. That we do. The main course was delicious (artichoke casserole, some kind of meatball, paella, squid, some other kind of baked casserole dish, and bread of course). The wine selection included a riesling called Geil (which means cool in German). According to fellow diners, the dessert was nothing to blog about.

After a short speech, everyone got funky on the dance floor. By everyone, I mean pretty much every single person in the room was on the dance floor at some point. Frankfurt Book Fair people kick ass! During this dinner, I also became blog buddies with Andrew Wilkins and Edward Nawotka, who came to write for the Frankfurt Book Fair blog, which you should all check out because it's really great.

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