Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Motoko Rich thinks we are bourgeouis

Thank you, Motoko, for portraying the publishing industry as one long cocktail party. Admittedly, you have written a brilliant article here. On the surface, this is an earnest report of the adventures of the Stein siblings at the Frankfurt Book Fair, but it actually reads more like the New York Social Diary than the New York Times.

I am surprised that more people have not blogged about this article, but this may be because they are afraid it might be true. We have only ourselves to blame if it is.


Lowell said...

Of course Ms. Rich is right. The book business is just another example of the Chicago motto, "Don't send me nobody sent". Being a lifelong Chicagoan, I can spot it a thousand miles away - which is roughly how far Chi-Town is from the Big Apple.

But instead of cursing the darkness, I have just lit a worldwide candle. It's called Buy The Cover and you can find out more at

Lowell said...
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