Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pardon my non-posts

The silence has been deafening here at Literary Rapture recently. Frankfurt Book Fair preparations are underway, and at this point nearly complete. I am heading off to Germany tonight and everything would seem to be in order, were it not for a very small wrench thrown into my well-oiled scheduling machine.

The German rail workers union will be going on strike on Friday, and the Deutsche Bahn website is all but inaccessible, most likely because everyone is trying check the emergency schedule. I just hope I make it to Munich for Oktoberfest on Saturday!

In other news, you will have to get your Frankfurt cool from someone other than me. My cell phone doesn't have email, so I can't do any remote blogging, and my reading selection this year leaves something to be desired. My two books to "read" are Crazed by Ha Jin and Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones. Neither of these books are new, and most people at Frankfurt will have already read them. My only hope of coolness is talking about these books in an intelligent way.

See you all in Germany!

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