Thursday, March 13, 2008


Instead of Christmas presents, an advertising agency in Denver gave each of its employees a sum of money to invest in microlending through an organization called Kiva. Now they all have warm, fuzzy feelings of joy because they helped small businesses and entrepreneurs in developing countries. The best part is that once the loan has been repaid, you can invest it again. Another helping of warm fuzzy, please!

I just loaned money to a woman in Nigeria who owns a computer shop. She needed money to buy a new computer and rent a bigger shop. Her loan request was posted on Kiva today, and the full amount of her loan has already been raised. It is only lunchtime! I feel extremely warm and fuzzy, and I plan to lend this money again in 8 months.

Everyone should do this! Natalie Portman does it. You can donate as little as $25 through Kiva. Help expand a grocery store or start a beauty salon. Maybe someone needs to buy more cows or a new sewing machine.

My girl, Joko Anthonia, is on her way to computer coolness.

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