Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PEN Festival, I love you!

If you love books, work with books, or live in New York, you already know that the PEN World Voices Festival started today. I love this festival! It reawakens my love of literature and reminds me why I moved to New York. This year, my office is sponsoring Jutta Richter, a German children's book author, to attend the festival. I am her new biggest fan for the following reasons: 1) she believes that drinking gin and tonic is good for your health; 2) she lives in a real castle; and 3) she agrees with me that the first two Harry Potter books were the only ones worth reading.

The only event I attended today was the reception at the French Embassy in which Salman Rushdie gave Edmund White a French literary award. The champagne and mini quiches were delicious. I arrived with Jutta Richter just after the actual handing out of the award, but we did get introduced to Mr. White. It was awesome.

I will attend many more PEN events and will try to report on these events in as timely a manner as my schedule allows. Check back in as the week continues.

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Anonymous said...

I would give ANYthing to meet Edmund White! ha!