Friday, June 13, 2008


By a stroke of good fortune, I am the temporary caretaker of TWO KINDLES! Over the weekend, I will load them up with ebooks, test them under various reading conditions, and then send them on to their rightful owners. Here is the situation as it stands:

Unpacking the Kindles with eager delight, I must dutifully note the very nice albeit wasteful packaging. Inside the Amazon cardboard box you find another cardboard box. Inside that you find a white faux book that houses the actual device. It reminds me of the Lifesavers boxes that people give kids at Christmas. Unhooking the elastic band holding it closed, you then find a handy definition of the word Kindle: v.t. 1. set on fire. 2. inspire, stir up. -v.i. 1. catch fire. 2. become animated. That accurately describes my emotional state at the moment.

After taking the plastic wrap off the Kindles and their leather holders, which look like faux dust jackets, I plugged them into the wall. I hope to return from lunch to find them ready to connect to the Amazon Whispernet wireless service!

Check back for further coverage of the Amazon Kindle experience.

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kjd said...

Hi HJ,

I've been checking back and checking back... too busy?