Friday, October 31, 2008

American artists on Bush's cultural legacy

Who better to eloquently express the failures of the Bush administration than 12 prominent American artists? The Guardian has collected statements on the "cultural legacy" of the Bush administration. Too good to pass up, here are a few quotes:

"If McCain wins, I feel like going into a cellar for the next four years or going out into the streets every day and screaming." - Paul Auster

"The 'cultural legacy of George W. Bush' would seem to be the punchline of a cruel joke, if there could be anything remotely funny about the Bush administration." -Joyce Carol Oates

"We have an administration of criminality, complicity and incompetence but no cultural legacy whatever from those eight years." -Edward Albee

"So the Bush years have been great for the arts, restoring a collusive, adversarial climate last seen circa 1968." -Lionel Shriver

"Here, people have complained a lot, but in terms of organizing a vanguard of resistance, of people getting out there and saying this is not the American way... Where is the Arthur Miller of this generation?" -Naomi Wolf

"It's hard to believe Bush, a man who's proud not to read books and who makes fund of words longer than one syllable, has been the inheritor of the mantle of the Founding Fathers, or of Woodrow Wilson, FDR or even Bill Clinton." -Daniel Liebeskind

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