Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rounding up

I love round-ups, the lazy approach to blogging that makes me look well-read and informed. Thank you, other bloggers. Thank you, Google Reader.

The Google settlement, everyone is talking about it. TOC Publishing News has a nice collection of responses to the settlement, and Carolyn Kellog from the LA Times' Jacket Copy analyzes the value and bottom line for publishers and authors. Georgia Harper on how the settlement will affect orphan works.

Roberto Saviano attended the Frankfurt Book Fair behind closed booth doors. His book, Gomorrah, investigates the inner workings and major players in the Italian mafia. Obviously the mob has threatened his life, and he has lived under tight security for the past two years. The Guardian reviews the book here.

Young publishers unite!

The essays of George Orwell reflect his "restless intellect"

The final count for translated fiction and poetry for 2008 from Chad Post. German is number three on the list with 34 titles!

Booksquare does not agree with Random House's ebook royality rate.

Barnes and Noble braces for a slow holiday season. As the 8 Ball would say, "Outlook not so good."

Apparently there was a buzz book during Frankfurt this year.

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